Ultrascissor- Ultrasonic Hemostatic Cutter

UltrascissorTM- Ultrasonic Hemostatic Cutter
Main unit:

Foot switch


5.5mm autoclavable ultrasonic shear

The autoclavable handpiece

Maximum amplitude:≤150µm;
Cutting energy range:0~100%,step:20%;
Coagulation energy range:0~100%,step:20%;
Real-time automatic resonance frequency tracking
Size(Lengthwidthheight):400  425  160 mm3;
Input voltage:90 ~250VAC,50/60Hz;
Input power:≤200 W+15%;
Equipment safety classification:Type B ;
Working environment:temperature 10ºC ~30ºC, humidity 30%~75% ;
Storage environment:temperature 10ºC ~50ºC, humidity 20%~80%

Clinic Use:
The Ultrasonic Hemostatic Cutter is used for the cutting and coagulation of soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired. It can be used as an adjunct to or substitute for electrosurgery, lasers, and steel scalpels in general, plastic, pediatric, gynecologic, urologic, exposure to orthopedic structures (such as spine and, joint space) and other open and endoscopic procedures.
The Ultrasonic Hemostatic Cutter system has three essential parts: the generator (including footswitch), the handpiece and the shears, which are available in various lengths shapes and types. The selection of the appropriate shears is a matter of surgeon preference.

Ultrasonic hemostatic cutter is used for cholecystotomy