Ultrasuc- Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

UltrasucTM- Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator
Main unit

Foot switch


The autoclavable handpiece with a 1.2mm diameter cutter

Vacuum pressure:20~90 kPa
Ultrasonic energy range: 0~99%;
Maximum amplitude:300 μm
Maximum Irrigation flow rate:140 ml/min
Real-time automatic resonance frequency tracking
Size(Lengthwidthheight):400  425  180 mm3;
Input voltage:90 ~250VAC,50/60Hz;
Input power:≤250 W+15%;
Equipment safety classification:Type B ;
Working environment:temperature 10ºC ~30ºC, humidity 30%~75% ;
Storage environment:temperature 10ºC ~50ºC, humidity 20%~80%

Clinic Use:
The Ultrasonic Aspirator System is for use in surgical procedures where fragmentation emulsification and aspiration of soft tissue is desirable, including Neurosurgery, Gastrointestinal and affiliated organsurgery, Urological surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecological surgery, Thoracic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery and Thoracoscopic surgery.
The system dissects and fragments soft tissue and leaves essential elastic structures such as nerves and blood vessels relatively undamaged. It is particularly useful for the ablation of unwanted tissue adjacent or attached to vital structures.
The system consists of a Console, which provides control and display of aspiration, irrigation and ultrasonic power, and one Handpieces for selective tissue removal at the surgical site. The Handpiece have a titanium tip and irrigation flue. The required settings on the console are selected by operation of up-down controls on the capacitive touch screen front panel. The console provides power to the footswitch, which has two controls. One pedal provides proportional control of ultrasonic power, and the other the flow of irrigation fluid.

Principle of ultrasonic surgical aspirator system

Ultrasonic surgical aspirator is used for cerebella tumor extraction