Ultraclean- Ultrasonic Debridement System

UltracleanTM- Ultrasonic Debridement System


Main unit

Foot switch 


The autoclavable handpiece with a debridement cutter

Ultrasonic energy range: 0~99%;
Maximum Irrigation flow rate :200ml/min;
Working time: 0~99min
Real-time automatic resonance frequency tracking
Size(Lengthwidthheight):400  425  180 mm3;
Input voltage:90 ~250VAC,50/60Hz;
Input power:≤230 W+15%;
Equipment safety classification:Type B ;
Working environment:temperature 10ºC ~30ºC, humidity 30%~75% ;
Storage environment:temperature 10ºC ~50ºC, humidity 20%~80%

Clinic Use:
Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System utilizes an ultrasonic metallic probe and a water irrigation system to debride wounds.
The called contact ultrasonic wound debridement system uses ultrasonically energized instruments and utilize water irrigation for tissue excision. The ultrasonic probe is brought into direct contact with the tissue targeted for debridement. The probe’s vibratory motion acts as a micro jackhammer, creating local cavitational and hydrodynamic effects that dissect tissue at the point of contact. The system is applicable for infected tissue excision outside the wound margin, as well as within it. An advantage of this system is that viable tissue structures are more resistant to destruction and the system flushes the wound of fibrin deposits while preserving the granulation tissue. This will reduce the recovery period of various wounds,  such as Empyrosis, Diabetic foot, Trauma, operation wound infection etc..

Ultrasonic Debridement System is used for empyrosis cleaning